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Trends in web design

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The website is an essential component of a company’s marketing strategy. It is after all the location where prospective buyers can learn more about your products and services before making purchases. Due to the advancement of technology and the evolution of web design, some elements and functions have become obsolete. In order to increase traffic and improve that your website is converting, create or update your site in line with the most recent trends in web design that are described below.

Effects of scrolling

Scrolling effects (animations which are activated through the act of scrolling) give a touch of energy to websites. Perhaps among the most-loved designs of 2023, the effects of scrolling grab the attention of visitors and encourage viewers to continue scrolling through the website’s information.

The PORSCHEvolution website, for instance makes use of parallax scrolling. The effect occurs through the way that different components of the page scroll at various speed, creating an 3D effect of depth. The Porsche website now illustrates how its cars changed over time and combines a collection of images with Daft Punk’s Get Lucky reimagined to fit the decade.

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is a technical term used to describe “moving texts”. The name is aptly indicating it integrates movements with text. Though it is among the most popular web designs of 2023, the fact is that kinetic typography has roots from the 1960s, which is when film makers started using animated titles for openings.

It’s not only about titles. Kinetic Typography is a great way to draw attention to important parts of the website, slowly reveal the information and guides visitors through the site’s pages. Arcadia, Love Lost, PaperTiger, One Last Beat along with Mutt Agency are some excellent examples of amazing dynamic typography.

White space

Are white spaces the same as empty space? Not quite. Contrary to what you believe, this actually refers to negative space, also known as the area that is not marked around or inside various elements such as images, text and logos.

For web design, white spaces can help balance visual space as well as direct viewers’ attention towards certain areas as well as enhance the your user experience. White space, in general, is among the most effective creative elements web designers have the ability to use in creating stunning sites. Apple, Dropbox, Quip, WealthSimple, Lyra, and Squarespace are excellent examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of white space.

In fact, once the use of white spaces has been understood and mastered, the result is an appealing and easy-to-use site. However, this skill isn’t a natural skill for everyone. Making websites, especially starting from scratch, demands an comprehension of a variety of factors and fundamentals. If you’re looking to learn how to design a powerful web presence, this guide for the steps to design your own website is an excellent guide. The guide provides an in-depth outline of the various steps that are involved, starting from creating the design to using innovative design strategies like white space usage, aiding you in creating an appealing, functional and solid web page.

Data visualization

The ability to effectively communicate details is among the primary elements of website design. Brands must be able communicate effectively to their customers by clearly stating their identity and the services they can offer. But, it can be quite difficult, particularly when working with huge and complicated details.

Visualization of data utilizes the fact that humans are visual animals. Therefore, creating visually appealing and clear pictures from the company’s information can keep the user attracted and make them want to know more about items and/or services.

Mobile navigation with thumb-friendly features

It is vital to create mobile-friendly websites in an age of 6.8 billion people using smartphones. For a website to view an content like this on an iPhone, you have your fingers wrapped over the back of your smartphone and let your thumb perform the entire work, that is tapping the screen, and scrolling the page.

“Thumb-friendly” smartphone navigation, such like that featured in Bitcasino -an an extremely constructed Bitcoin casino is a sign the designers have concentrated on the part of the display that’s reachable by the thumb of a typical user. In addition, all available navigation choices have been placed within the area easily accessible with the thumb.

To conclude

In order to keep your website fresh attractive, visually appealing and user-friendly by 2023, it is possible to employ scrolling effects, dynamic typography, white space as well as data visualization and the thumb-friendly navigation. Naturally, these are only a few of the technological innovations on the web.


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