Gloch Classic Design Reflection Effect

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To celebrate Milan Design Week 2023, GROHE introduces its refreshed GROHE Spa sub-brand, which floods the famous Pinacoteca di Brera in an ever-changing reflection. As you walk into the courtyard at the Pinacoteca the visitors are able to lose into a symbiosis which is water-based at the heart of. Created by the design team in house and branding group LIXIL Global Design, the experience is a true reflection of the art gallery, with the sculpture of Napoleon located in the center, created made by one of the greatest in his time, Antonio Canova.

The calm of the water widens the area and gives it a sense of illusion. It also represents health and cleanliness. Four cubes are positioned in the corners of the courtyard to create indoor spaces in which GROHE SPA’s four levels of tiers can be seen. The mirror surfaces are placed across all the cubes in order for a more dimensional appearance of the project.

“Our multi-sensory installation celebrates the GROHE SPA idea that focuses on ‘Health through water’ while also paying tribute to the legacy of art of Pinacoteca. We consider that water is the main source of life-giving energy. Through appealing to the different sensorial experiences with our design and design, we hope to provide the perfect experience to our guests, exactly like the GROHE SPA products. Making the bathroom the ultimate spa experience is not all about individual pieces of equipment rather than creating holistic experience that focuses on the beneficial effects that water has on our bodies and the mind ,”

Each of the four cubes tucked into the room is assigned to one of four different tiers which help bring GROHE SP to its fullest. The first is the GROHE Spa icon 3D collection: 3D printed metal products are a new way of thinking about what’s possible as well as taking the sustainable design of products and the ultimate options for customization up to a whole higher dimension. Alongside viewing the newest items, guests can also hear the sounds produced by 3D printing process, view the process through an LED display and feel the temperature change: the temperature increases once the simulation of printing begins.

The third tier consists of the custom Atrio as well as the Allure Brilliant Private Collections which let customers choose between a carefully planned selection of colours, materials such as handles, finishes, and colors. For consumers who want to have a marble look with a premium finishing, GROHE is partnering with Caesarstone which is the pioneer in global high-end countertop materials and faucet handles, to create them using the durable surface of Caesarstone that are timeless in their designs. The design demonstrates this alliance precisely: As the primary feature of the design, the white and black marble partitions the room in two parts, showing the numerous combinations the collections can make.

Its GROHE Colors Collection is in the center of the 3rd level. Offering the latest colors in products like GROHE Allure as well as Aqua Ceiling Modules, the collection allows you to design a bathroom that is unique to you. Cool Sunrise is the main shade used for this cube. Its designs bathe the area in golden light and visitors are able to feel the sound of the water and feel its humidity due to the higher temperatures. To complete the exhibit, the fourth layer is focused on showers that are modular. GROHE is creating an immersive experience for the senses with the use of light, mist and sound components and a LED screen that displays pictures that are inspired by the natural world.


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