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To celebrate Milan Design Week 2023 Azimut Yachts presents “The Sea Deck,”” an art installation that re-discovers connections with nature via an experience of emotion along the Milan’s Darsena.

The world of the sea, Azimut has realized the idea of returning to the natural and the Shipyard is the very first to blend technologies to minimize ecological impact, with stylistic and design advancements that aim to break down boundaries between the inside and outside and embracing the ocean and for all. A symbol of this philosophy is the brand new Seadeck Series, the first hybrid Series of motor boats for families. It will result in a reduction of 40% of CO2 emissions during the course of a typical year as compared to an ordinary flybridge vessel of the same dimensions.

The Sea Deck / AMDL CIRCLE Michele DeLucchi

The brand new Seadeck Series, epitomizing this idea is what has inspired AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi for the design of “The Sea Deck” A floating promenade along the Darsena constructed in collaboration together with Azimut in order to provide the excitement of ancient navigable rivers back to Milan and give visitors an entirely new way to enjoy the waters from a different perspective in the vicinity of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous canal. The concept was created to recreate the revolutionary concept that Azimut brought to the maritime world. It invites guests to go on an adventure to explore how the technology developed by Azimut’s Shipyard in order to lessen the environmental impact and share in a feeling that is a return to the natural world that is at the heart of navigation.

The Sea Deck / AMDL CIRCLE Michele De Lucchi

The design transforms the deck in front that is part of the Seadeck Series yachts, the Fun Island, which is an open-air lounge that hugs the sea. It was created for the first time to give visitors a sense of being within the natural environment. It is accessible from the quay by an enclosed stand, which evokes the distinctive architectural style developed throughout many years through AMDL CIRCLE for Azimut. After arriving on the boat, guests are able to stroll in barefoot along the ring suspended above the sea, until they reach the heart of the Darsena and fulfill their need for “go further” and be element of the Azimut’s innovative DNA that feeds marine explorationists. On the way, there are five stations with interactive displays are available with cantilevered terraces that reference the open-air “wings” that Seadeck vessels and to show the way that is mapped out by the Shipyard in order to cut down on carbon emissions and consumption of energy as well as which is the “green center” of Seadeck. Seadeck Series: from the innovative hybrid engines and the on-board equipment that minimizes the energy consumption, and on to the use of solar panels as well as recycling of materials. This includes the carbon used to reduce the top parts of the ring with up to 30 percent. The evening is when the lighting from LEDs evokes similar feelings as the boats’ lights glinting on the waters.

The Sea Deck / AMDL CIRCLE Michele DeLucchi

The work of Azimut together in collaboration with AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi enjoys the support by Milan’s Municipality of Milan for the principles of circularity and sustainability as the reason it was developed. Seadeck Series Seadeck Series combines technological solutions using sustainable, recyclable and natural material. AMDL CIRCLE looked to these as the basis for this design project the fuorisalone. As on the vessels of the Seadeck Series, traditional teak was replaced with cork, a more efficient and sustainable option to decking. The decking of the structure was constructed out of recycled 2 million and crushed bottle corks that will be turned to be an insulating substance for architectural structures, further decreasing its ecological impact. The corks were collected by volunteers for the benefit of Cuneo’s Arts & Crafts Cooperative of Cuneo Corks coming from all over Italy are being treated by Amorim Cork. It is a long-standing participant in spreading awareness of cork plays a crucial role in the balance of nature around the globe.

The moment they step foot on cork, the original natural material that is symbolic of the Mediterranean visitors are transported into another dimension, a unique area for sharing space as well as reconnecting with one of the strongest and most regenerative of all elements: water.

Azimut, AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi are meeting guests of Milan Design Week near the Leonardo Canal from the 17th through the 23rd of April. The aim is to find the unique relaxation space, an exciting new connection to the water of the ancient Navigli


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